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Top 10 Best Coronavirus Memes – Funny

by Derrick James

I know, I know – the coronavirus is no laughing matter, but… I have a sick sense of humor. So, I have assembled the best coronavirus memes I’ve found on the internet. You can’t be too scared of a coronavirus pandemic. You gotta laugh a bit.

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It should probably come as no surprise that the bulk of the memes out there play off both China and Corona. See these memes as the best way to stay informed on the virus. Memes are better than the media, right?

coronavirus memes

Number 10

Nothing like a good catastrophe to see opportunity, particularly if people are scared. Watch those wallets open…

coronavirus mask meme

Number 9

Don’t worry if you can’t get a mask, though. You have other options…

bra mask

Number 8

Only with COVID did going to the grocery store, Sam’s Club, or Costco feel like going out on a survival mission, like something out of I Am Legend

will smith going to costco

Number 7

Alternatively, you feel like Katniss heading out, wondering if you’ll return…

Number 6

The coronavirus also led to – strangely – a surge in people buying toilet paper…

toilet paper covid

Number 5

The outbreak hit just as the Chinese New Year festivities were taking place. Imagine if you stuck there as a tourist…

china vacation virus

Number 4

Lysol, masks and improvised masks, everyone began looking at the surfaces and air around them from a scientific perspective…

sheldon big bang theory

Number 3

When you did go to the grocery store, you found everyone looking at you, you looking at them, observing distances and breath…

handmaid's tale meme
Mind your social distancing, ladies!

Number 2

The memes continued throughout the pandemic as other 2020 events unfolded, like murder hornets and riots…

switch back to corona meme
2020 just keeps sucking, doesn’t it? Corona is up, corona is down, riots are up, riots are down, corona goes back up!

Number 1

Last, but not least, you really shouldn’t freak out about this outbreak. I mean, it’s not like it’s going to last long…

made in china coronavirus meme

Coronavirus Memes – Honorable Mentions

Can’t get enough coronavirus memes? What’s worse, coronavirus or coronaebola?

corona ebola beer

August 2020 Bonus Coronavirus Memes

The “crona” memes just keep pouring in! There are way too many to keep them all up here, but the following four are a few of my more recent favorites…

corona lisa meme
Mona Lisa + Coronavirus = Coronalisa
quarantine meme
Whether it’s social distancing or quarantine, a lot of people are getting the “Corona 20” packed on.

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Morgan February 11, 2020 - 4:29 pm

I laughed way too hard at these. We all need humor during stressful events and this is exactly what the doctor ordered. Appreciate ya!

i'm just here to post a reply April 11, 2020 - 1:33 am

Number 5 is actually from a movie called “I Am Legend” which is basically capturing life after a terrible disease swept through the planet killing lots of people (plus these weird zombies come out at night). The last person known left is Robert Neville and that’s the guy in the tub
I recommend the movie honestly even though I have not watched it fully, so I guess that’s nice


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