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About Prepper Press

Prepper Press is a survival media company. We are a book publisher. We produce video content. We write blog posts.

Prepper Press is about prepping for the wasteland. But the end of the world as we know it doesn’t have to mean the end of fun as we know it. We talk to interesting people. We go to abandoned places. We test gear. We prep. We preach the post-apocalyptic word.

There are no politics here, for the wasteland does not discriminate along party lines. We don’t care what your political affiliation, race, or sexuality is. The wasteland is the great equalizer, and prepping is our common ground.

Derrick of Prepper Press

Derrick James has been prepping in various forms for well over a decade. He founded SHTFblog in 2007 and then Prepper Press in 2011.

When not in his doomsday vault counting beans, bullets, and Band-Aids, he can be found practicing transcendental meditation and studying the yogic tradition of evading metaphysical doom. He is a writer and apocalyptic philosopher.