About Prepper Press

Prepper Press is a survival media company owned and operated by Derrick James and operating with assistance from Owen James. We publish books, videos, and write articles on preppers and prepping.

Need to contact us? Email Derrick at:

derrick [at] prepperpress.com

Derrick reviewing the White River Fieldcraft FC5 knife.

Derrick James – Owner and Operator

Derrick has enjoyed the outdoors since childhood. He is an avid hiker, hunter, and part-time bushcraft enthusiast. Prepping has been an natural extension of those interests. He merged his writing background with his outdoors interests to begin blogging. He founded Survive Doomsday (formerly SHTF Blog) in 2007 and then Prepper Press in 2011.

Recognizing the public’s attention shift from blogs to video content, Derrick has begun moving into video production, establishing a growing presence on YouTube and various social media platforms.

Interviews: Boston Globe March 2020 / Boston Globe October 2020 / Canvas Rebel September 2023

Owen on opening day of deer season.

Owen James – Special Assistant

Owen has been working with Prepper Press “behind the scenes” since his teenage years, helping his father navigate the nuisances of social media. An avid hunter and outdoorsman in his own right, Owen’s growing interest lies in trying to bring more attention to youth shooting and hunting.

When not at the shooting range or in a tree stand, Owen is assisting Prepper Press with social media metrics, online marketing, and identifying influencers in youth outdoor markets for possible Prepper Press partnerships.