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Who is Chris Weatherman, a.k.a. Angery American?

by Derrick James
angery american chris weatherman
Angery American

Chris Weatherman, pen name Angery American, is the author of The Survivalist Series of books. He has been listed on the USA Today best seller list, and has appeared on History Channel’s Alone series.

More importantly, and the reason I interviewed him here, Chris is a prepper, and has been for roughly 30 years. He speaks at prepper conventions and expos, and is generally involved in the prepper community on various levels. For many of us long-time preppers, “Angery American” is a household name.

Angery American Interview

When did you start prepping and what prompted it?

I started prepping in 1990, the year I graduated high school. Living in Florida, prepping was always kind of a way of life. We grew a lot of our own food, hunted and fished; it was just a natural extension.

What is the one modern convenience you’d miss the most if society collapsed?

I’m a pretty simple creature. The one thing I would miss above all is a hot shower, but that can be arranged. I would probably miss AC the most living in Florida.

AR or AK?

My personal preference is the AR. I like the ergonomics and I have decades behind the trigger of one. However, I feel everyone should also know how to operate an AK, and any other platform for that matter. You never know what you’re going to come across.

If the world as we know it came to an apocalyptic end, what would the most likely cause be?

Presently, I would have to say the impending Civil War 2.0. It is fairly obvious now that the Marxists currently running amuck in the streets are not going to stop any time soon. We are living through a hybrid-insurgency. In that, we have State actors, the Progressives on the left, working in consort with non-state actors, ANTIFA, BLM, NFAC, and many others. They have made it crystal clear there is only one acceptable outcome to the election and anything less will lead to violence.

What personal attributes will most important after a societal collapse?

The will to live. To keep going no matter how dire the situation looks. If you’re alive, you have a choice, you get a vote. It will be those that can best adapt to the changing reality that will come out on top. Your mental fortitude is what will see you through.

What are you most pessimistic about for our future? What are you most optimistic about?

Presently, I’m most pessimistic about our internal conflict. The level of violence and intolerance is increasing daily and it will only get worse. The economy is right behind that as it is propped up with smoke and mirrors. As for optimism, I’m personally running a little short at the moment.

Bug in or bug out?

Always bug in, with some caveats. If you’re in a high population density area, like a large city, then you’ll have to bug out. Otherwise, bug in. Why would you plan to leave the place where all your stores are? Living out of a ruck is a hard, miserable life. It’s a hand-to-mouth existence with no long-term chance of success. Prepare your home and be prepared to defend it.

I would also recommend caches located away from your home with food, clothing, weapons and the like in the event you are forced out. Better to run and organize to retake it than to die inside it. Choose when to fight. Don’t let the fight choose you.

What is your favorite post-apocalyptic movie?

I would have to say The Road. It’s bleak, there is a sense of hopelessness, and that is how I feel it will look to many. Americans do not have a experiential frame of reference for what lays ahead of them and they will suffer dearly for it.

What is your favorite post-apocalyptic book?

I may be a little biased, but Going Home is pretty good!

What do you think is the most overlooked items or skills most preppers don’t have?

Communications and intelligence. Most people do not even know their neighbors, let alone who among them is a potential threat. The reliance on cell phones and the internet have rendered most people incapable of communicating any other way. Ham radio is a must in my opinion.

If you could only own one gun, what would it be?

If only allowed one, I would probably go with a 12 gauge pump from Mossberg. With the safety located as it is it is easy to use with either hand and there is a myriad of loads for it and they are readily available.

What are your prepping pet peeves?

People with a $3k AR and no training, or 50K rounds of ammo and no food. Not paying attention to the importance of a water supply. Americans in particular take water for granted. Easy to do when it pours forth from a tap on demand. It’s another thing entirely when you have to source, haul, and treat it yourself. Liquids are the Achilles Heel of prepping.

What was the last thing you did to prep?

I’m working on my current project. I purchased 1k pounds of hard red winter wheat and am in the process of storing it properly.

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to utilize your preps or prepper know-how? If so, what was it?

Many times. Unlike a lot of people I actually put myself in positions to need to. It’s the only way you really learn. But one example that happened without planning it was assisting in the rescue of a woman lost in the Ocala forest. She had medical issues and was trying to find a group camping in the area. She relied on Google maps for navigation and lets just say, not all forest roads that Google sees are really roads.

My ham radio in my truck was the only communications that worked. I used it to call another operator who then called the Sheriff’s office. He acted as a relay while we conducted the search. I was the one that actually found her. Her car was stuck in deep sand. Using a tow strap and the truck I pulled her out and had her follow me on roads her car could handle.

Why do you think the apocalypse is so popular right now in books, movies, and television?

Fear. Simply put. People are afraid right now and they want to see what it will look like. They want to put themselves in the shoes of the characters and ask themselves, what would I do?

Name a prepper you hold in high esteem.

Alan Kay

Do your closest relatives prep or do you prep for them?

I pretty much do all of the prepping, but there is only my mom outside the immediate family. However, I also support my tribe which is fairly significant. A lot of them have pre-positioned stuff here.

What is the compelling advice/argument you’d use to convince a friend or family member that prepping is important?

Right now, that should be easy. Everyone has a frame of reference. The whole COVID panic should be more than enough proof everyone should be prepared.

What is the most over-the-top/impractical prepper purchase you’ve made?

Over the top? Probably my freeze drier. Sure, I could buy prepackaged food. But we like to store our own. As I sit here typing, Mel is in the back of my office where we built a room just for food storage. She is unloading he machine and bagging food right now.

Outside of anything related to prepping, what do you have for hobbies or do for fun?

I firmly believe living life and prepping is a balance. So we like to travel when we can, even if it’s just a weekend at the beach. I love fishing and do that when I can. We enjoy paddle boarding and anything water related. Not to mention taking time to go out with friends.

Imagine it is one year after a devastating global pandemic hit. What does the world look like?

After a year, the people left will be either very good at staying alive or very good at killing others to stay alive. While the bulk of the death will have already happened, it will actually be more dangerous for those left as everyone will have honed their skills.

Do any of your non-prepper friends/acquaintances think you are a tinfoil hat-wearing crazy person?

Fewer these days, lol. Too much of what I’ve told is about to happen has, and many of them either don’t want to talk about unpleasant things or simply avoid it.

Do you have any parting advice or wisdom you’d like to share with others?

Every day you wake up and the wheels are still on this ride is one more day you get to prepare. No matter how small a step you take, you are that much farther ahead. Keep your ears open and pay attention. The powers that be always tell us what they are going to do before they do it, learn to listen.

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Russell Finch September 16, 2020 - 8:48 pm

Thank you so much for the straight forward answers. I have gleaned so much from your Going Home series. I’ve read them all 6 or 7 times and always find some small caveats that I missed before. I was interrupted when you had your interview with Bear Independent and haven’t taken the time to find it again.
Again thank you for all you do and share.


Sandra wheeler September 17, 2020 - 1:25 pm

Thank you for such an informative article. I have all of the books and since Covid , BLM, Antifa, and all the civil unrest, I have read them all again and have restarted them. Trying to glean any knowledge of preparedness I missed before. I want very much to prep but unfortunately my spouse feels I am over-reacting to the news. Have you heard the word sneaky, in your prepping? Well, I am learning to be sneaky. Appreciate that you share your knowledge with us. Sandra.


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