Handguns: A Buyer’s and Shooter’s Guide

by Steve Markwith

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Handguns: A Buyer’s and Shooter’s Guide is Steve Markwith’s sixth and final firearms book in the Survival Guns series. Steve applies his conversational writing style with 25+ years as a full-time firearms instructor to guide the reader through the selection, function, and use of handguns in this whopping 418-page book full of tips and pictures.

The information on handguns contained within this guide is detailed, covering far more than just the firearm itself, leaving the reader confident in his/her plan to learn the about handguns in a reasoned, logical way. The book contains information suitable for novices and experts. Shooters of all types and experience will find something of value in this guide. Steve uses eight guidelines for handgun selection:

  1. It must be in widespread use
  2. Have a reputation for dependability
  3. Be easy to operate
  4. Have readily available parts
  5. Have readily available ammunition
  6. Be easy to maintain
  7. Be able to accommodate practical accessories
  8. Represent a good value

Steve takes the reader through action types, ammunition, sighting systems, handgun choices, accessories, range work, cleaning, and maintenance. Handguns: A Buyer’s and Shooter’s Guide could be the only handgun book you will ever need.