Steve Markwith

steve markwith

Steve Markwith, author of the Survival Guns series of books, holds a life-long interest in all things that shoot. These include rifles, shotguns, revolvers, pistols, airguns, and black-powder guns, plus bows, vertical or horizontal. He began formal training at age 11 during NRA-sanctioned small-bore target rifle events, and became an active hunter by the age of 12. He began reloading at age 14, starting with shotgun shells and a handheld Lee-Loader.

Steve joined the U.S. Army, serving two combat tours while acquiring experience on numerous military firearms systems during helicopter and ground-based operations. Returning to civilian shooting, he gained further experience during NRA Bullseye, combat pistol, and shotgun competitions. He became an NRA-Certified Pistol, Rifle & Shotgun Instructor, and served as a certifying authority for concealed-carry permit applicants in several states. He joined the firearms industry working with a gunsmith who was a disciple of the well-known wildcat cartridge designer, PO Ackley.

Eventually, Steve assumed control of all firearms operations for a major state agency, which included training, range operations, and equipment procurement. His credentials include federal, state, and manufacturer’s certifications related to various firearm systems and intermediate force technologies. He has 25-plus years of full-time firearms training experience and enjoys direct contact with many industry sources.

Steve is the author of:

Survival Guns: A Beginner’s Guide

Shotguns: A Comprehensive Guide

Rimfire Rifles: A Buyer’s and Shooter’s Guide

Air Rifles: A Buyer’s and Shooter’s Guide

Centerfire Rifles: A Buyer’s and Shooter’s Guide (Special AR-15 Section Included)

Handguns: A Buyer’s and Shooter’s Guide