Devon Porter

devon porter

Devon Porter, author of After the Crumble, shocked at the fragile and toxic state of farming across the planet, began prepping and growing his own food. He currently raises chickens, blueberries, and pork, using natural techniques. After studying slow collapse theory, Devon came to the conclusion that the Crumble is happening now, and will continue to accelerate in the years to come. He believes that population pressure, resource scarcity, hyper-complexity, and environmental degradation will continue to intensify, until the creaking machine of industrial civilization is finally brought to a halt.

Devon has loved post-apocalyptic fiction and science fiction all of his life. His work shows that in this new post-industrial world we’re entering into, we’ll have new jobs to do, and new stories to tell. We can leave the planet a better place for our kids, and keep the bright beacons of hope, freedom, and knowledge burning, for all of the generations that come after us.