Prepper Press Authors

by Derrick James

Prepper Press has been fortunate to work with some great writers through its small, but focused book publishing business. Prepper Press books focus exclusively on prepper-related topics, whether that is post-apocalyptic fiction or survival nonfiction. Following are the authors whose books we have published. Click on their links to read more about them.

Aden Tate – author of Faithful Prepper: A Christian’s Perspective on Prepping.

Devon Porter – author of After the Crumble, shocked at the fragile and toxic state of farming across the planet, began prepping and growing his own food.

Glen Tate – wrote down what he envisions as a possible unfolding of events in his ten-book novel series 299 Days.

J.D.G. Perldeiner – author of the futuristic, post-apocalyptic book Haven.

James Ballou – author of The Poor Man’s Wilderness Survival Kit, Long-Term Survival in the Coming Dark Age, Makeshift Workshop Skills, MORE Makeshift Workshop Skills, and Arming for the Apocalypse.

Jeff Zimba – author of The Evolution of the Black Rifle, and a freelance writer and maintains a popular Firearms T&E YouTube Channel.

Joe Nobody – author of numerous nonfiction titles, including the best-selling Holding Your Ground. His other titles include Prepper’s Guide to Caches, Without Rule of Law, and others.

John Elliott – a law enforcement veteran who wrote Don’t Be A Victim! An Officer’s Advice on Preventing Crime.

Lynda King – author of Preppers: History and Cultural Phenomenon, a historical book on prepping, and the only book of its kind

Mark Bacci – an award winning writer, director, producer, an author of A Simple Man.

Peter Damaris – author of Spiraling Downward: Thinking About and Preparing for Economic Collapse, has spent more than 30 years working in a variety of financial institutions and consulting firms both in the US and overseas.

R.P. Ruggiero – he brings his almost two decades of experience in group dynamics–particularly for people are under stress to good use in writing The Brushfire Plague.

Shelby Gallagher – author of the popular A Great State trilogy, written in cooperation with Glen Tate.

Steve Markwith – author of the Survival Guns series of books, holds a life-long interest in all things that shoot. He began formal training at age 11 during NRA-sanctioned small-bore target rifle events, and became an active hunter by the age of 12. He began reloading at age 14, starting with shotgun shells and a handheld Lee-Loader.

Beyond working with individual writers to bring their unique writing to publication, Prepper Press also publishes some titles in the public domain that we believe are valuable to have on-hand in paperback format and add value to any prepper’s survival bookshelf. See our complete list of books here.