Writing for Prepper Press

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Write for us.

Do you fancy yourself a post-apocalyptic poet? Maybe you’re a survival scribe? Maybe we should work together.

Prepper Press, the book publisher, got its start publishing books tailored to the still-growing prepper market. We published our first title, Holding Your Ground, back in 2011 and it quickly became a best-selling book on how to defend one’s home. Our success in publishing followed from there, adding books by other authors including Glen Tate’s 299 Days series.

Prepper Press, the blog, was added in 2019 as a way to add more content in a more timely fashion, for readers that seek bite-sized content, or posts covering very niche subjects within prepping. We started adding video content to our YouTube channel at the same time.

Write for Us

We are always looking for writers to partner with. This could mean partnering with us to bring your book to print, or writing posts for our blog.

Writing a Book

We are a very small book publisher, and as such, we are limited in the number of titles we can successfully take on. That said, there is always a chance your book will come at a time when are looking for another book and yours may fit our needs. The only way to know for sure is to contact us.

You’re a writer but you don’t have a book in mind? Contact us with a writing sample. It’s possible we might have a book idea for you!

Writing Blog Posts

We are not offering paid writing opportunities bloggers at this time. If you have a post idea that you would like to write for free, whether that is to promote yourself or a product, you are welcome to contact us to see if your post will fit.