Sites We Like

Prepper Blogs

Practical Self-Reliance – Ashely, a Vermont homesteader, writes on topics related to self-reliance.

Prepper Journal – A daily survival blog devoted to preparedness.

Prepper Website – Drudge Report-style listing of various links to recent articles.

SHTFBlog – Shit Hits the Fan blog is little heavy on gun-related blog posts, but maybe that’s your thing. They review a lot of prepper gear.

Survival Blog – James Wesley, Rawles started what we consider to be the original prepper blog. It’s still going strong!

Survival Life – A prepper blog with a nice site layout. They have a hefty Facebook following.

SHTF Plan – The site caters to people looking for news articles that indicate the world is on the verge of total meltdown.

Wasteland Websites

Atomic Falls USA – A friendly community holding an annual post-apocalyptic event in the wastes of old Oklahoma.

Wasteland Weekend – The biggest, annual wasteland event held anywhere. Located in California, this is the Super Bowl of the apocalypse. Want a visual explanation? See this video.