Derrick has been operating in the personal preparedness space since 2007. He has spoken with countless preppers during that time, worked with many different businesses, and observed the market’s shifts over time. He is familiar with both the needs of individuals and businesses.

Individual Consulting

Derrick is available on a limited basis for one-on-one personal preparedness consulting. This is performed over the telephone, Skype, Zoom, or some other platform of the client’s choosing.

Services are centered on assessing client needs, conducting a personal threat assessment, and developing a personal preparedness plan to assure individual and family safety and security during times of crisis.

Corporate Consulting

Derrick specializes in advising small companies on product development and promotion within the prepper market. He has helped businesses examine SEO opportunities, advised on affiliate marketing strategies, and social media marketing.

He has also spent years finding the right people who can fill niche needs, from website development to content development.