The Official US Army Survival Guide: Updated, Complete, and Unabridged (FM 3-05.70 / FM 21-76)

by Headquarters, Department of the Army

us army survival guide

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This is THE indispensable survival guide for soldiers, preppers, hunters, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Written by the U.S. Army for soldiers, The Official US Army Survival Guide can be used by anyone in any part of the world. When soldiers go out, they expect to have all their personal equipment and unit members with them. However, there is no guarantee it will be so. Soldiers could find themselves alone in a remote area— possibly enemy territory—with little or no personal gear. This manual provides information and describes basic techniques that will enable individuals to survive and return alive.

You will learn:

  • Psychology of Survival
  • Survival Planning and Survival Kits
  • Basic Survival Medicine
  • Shelters
  • Water Procurement
  • Firecraft
  • Food Procurement
  • Survival Use of Plants
  • Poisonous Plants
  • Dangerous Animals
  • Field-Expedient Weapons, Tools, and Equipment
  • Desert Survival
  • Tropical Survival
  • Cold Weather Survival
  • Sea Survival
  • Expedient Water Crossings
  • Field-Expedient Direction Finding
  • Survival Movement in Hostile Areas
  • Camouflage
  • Contact with People
  • Survival in Man-Made Hazards

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