The Complete Military Working Dog Manual

by Department of Defense and U.S. Army Veterinary Services

complete military working dog manual

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Two books in one! The Complete Military Working Dog Manual combines the U.S. Military’s Dog Training Handbook and U.S. Army’s Guide to Veterinary Care of Military Working Dogs into one book. This is a way for the dog owner who is interested in buying both books to save money by buying them as one.

In the U.S. Military’s Dog Training Handbook, you will learn how to train your dog like the U.S. military. This is the official military manual used for training military working dogs (MWD). From teaching basic commands to navigating obstacle courses, tracking, searching, and attacking, this guide will show you how to turn your dog into a canine soldier.

You will learn:

  • Veterinary Care
  • Principles of Conditioning and Behavior Modification
  • Patrol Dog Training
  • Clear Signals Training Method
  • Deferred Final Response
  • Detector Dog Training Validation and Legal Considerations
  • The Military Working Dog (MWD) Program
  • Facilities and Equipment
  • Safety and Transportation
  • Operational Employment
  • Contingency Operations
  • And more!

In Veterinary Care and Management of the Military Working Dog you will learn how to care for your dog like the U.S. military. This is the official military manual used for training dog handlers on veterinary care of MWDs. From equipment and facilities to dentistry, this guide will educate on K9 well-being and veterinary care.

You will learn:

  • Equipment and Facilities
  • Preventive Medicine, Deployment Issues, and Standard Procedures
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Common Medical Problems
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Behavioral Medicine
  • Disposition
  • Necropsy and Pathology Support
  • And more!

This manual consolidates medical information, policies, procedures and regulatory directives specific to the medical management of MWDs into one document. Army Veterinary Corps Officers have researched, extracted, and compiled the material from a variety of references from all services and standards of veterinary practice within the United States. This book will not teach you how to be a veterinarian, but it will help you be a better dog owner.