Don’t Be A Victim! An Officer’s Guide to Preventing Crime

by John Elliott

crime prevention

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People are planning for world changing, collapse of society events in droves; from flu pandemics to potential electromagnetic pulses (EMPs). While this is a goal worth pursuing, the odds that any of these events will happen during an individual’s lifetime are dramatically low.

The last pandemic on the magnitude of the 1918 “Spanish Flu” was … well, 95 years ago. The closest thing the world has seen to an EMP was the Carrington Event, a solar storm in 1859, 159 years ago. Meanwhile, in the United States alone, a violent crime happens every 1.2 seconds. Violence toward women happens every 7 seconds. Someone has their vehicle stolen every 17 seconds. A mass killing, where four or more people (not including the shooter) are killed, happens about every two weeks.

While it is prudent to be prepared for catastrophes that could weaken or destroy a fragile social structure, we should not do so at the expense of guarding ourselves from threats that we are more likely to encounter. Written by a law enforcement veteran who has worked for police agencies across the United States, the U.S. Department of Justice and INTERPOL, Don’t Be a Victim, offers common sense strategies to help prevent crime, protect your home, and keep your family safe from criminals.

This book will educate you on:

  • Understanding the minds of criminals, their motivations and patterns of behavior.
  • Preventive measures to thwart off criminals.
  • Recognizing common threats, from at home to abroad.
  • Preventing violent crimes against women, children, and the elderly, including internet crime, physical and sexual abuse and financial exploitation.

This comprehensive, yet easy-to-read book also provides helpful information on illegal drugs, carjackings, business and corporate security, and modern day fraud and scams. Don’t Be a Victim is a must read for anyone seeking protection from the many dangers that threaten us every day.