Boobytraps: FM 5-31

by Headquarters Department of the Army

boobytraps fm 5-31 book cover

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Boobytraps: FM 5-31 is the official Department of the Army field manual originally published in 1965 during the height of the Vietnam War. We have re-formatted and re-published this book for today’s audience. This heavily illustrated book includes the following subjects:

  • Characteristics of Boobytraps
  • Use of Boobytraps
  • Boobytrapping Equipment
  • Construction Techniques
  • Miscellaneous Boobytraps
  • Boobytrap Detection and Removal

This book provides an interesting look into what soldiers needed to know during the 1960s, when the threat of boobytraps was a real and dangerous issue. They had to both set boobytraps and know where to find them. Their lives depended on it.