Army Combat Fitness Test: Initial Operation Capability

by Center for Initial Military Training

army fitness

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Army Combat Fitness Test, Initial Operation Capability establishes the Army’s doctrine for the physical testing of Soldiers. It presents a summary of exercise and equipment options and performance optimization techniques.  

Chapter One, Test Standards, covers test administration, event standards, grading, scoring, equipment requirements and the modified ACFT (ACFT MOD).

Chapter Two, Drills and Exercises, contains the Preparation and Recovery Drills and a selection – “top three” – exercises from other Drills that support ACFT-specific training. Video support is available online at so that wherever they train, Soldiers can quickly understand and perform the exercises safely.

Appendix A, Testing Equipment and ACFT Field, provides the standards and specifications for the ACFT. ACFT field standards are being developed by the Army Corps of Engineers to meet the requirements for unit and individual testing.