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  • Devon Porter's "After the Crumble"

We are an independent publishing house specializing in books and information that serve preppers, those preparing for events that could disrupt life as we know it and threaten survival. Uncertain times in a society heavily reliant on modern technology creates a need for every person to take a few steps toward independence and self-reliance. Should a major societal event happen, whether terrorist attack, plague or natural disaster, average Americans will need the knowledge and skills to help them survive if order fails and chaos ensues.

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CrumbleBook3D_200After the CrumbleIn the late 2020s, the grid finally flickered out for the last time, succumbing to attacks from a newly formed Resistance, fuel scarcity, and general entropy. It is now the year 2037 and many have died, with the few that managed to escape death solely concerned with their daily survival. Gavin Collier is one of those lucky few, but survival alone isn’t enough for him anymore. Recognizing that the meaning of life didn’t crumble along with the rest of the world, he embarks on a dangerous and personal journey for reasons that few can understand.


ZimbaBook3D_200Evolution of the Black Rifle: 20 Years of Upgrades, Options, and Accessories – from the History and Development of the Modern Black Rifle (an award winning, in-depth article) to accessories and configurations the reader may have never even heard about, this book includes numerous, previously published articles focused solely on the black rifle and includes a few of the author’s picks for new upgrades and systems to watch in the future.