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Top Ten Best Post-Apocalyptic Tattoos

by Derrick James

Post-apocalyptic tattoos are a great addition for the prepper who has a thing for ink. Fans of post-apocalyptic movies have nothing on these people. They have committed their bodies to the apocalypse (literally). This is the supreme sign of doomsday devotion. Let’s take a look at some of the post-apocalyptic art these warriors of the wasteland wear. I now present to you my favorite…

Post-Apocalyptic Tattoos

#10 Gas Mask Figure Tattoo

gas mask wasteland tattoo

This tattoo is a bit generic, but it fits the wasteland bill. You have the common dark and mysterious figure wearing the standard black gas mask with hood pulled up.

This tattoo goes a bit further by adding industrial wasteland imagery giving it a more unique flair. Look at how the pollution floats up into the figure above.

Are we to interpret that the wearer is making a statement about our world’s pollution?

That our economic endeavors will lead to our own demise?

We don’t know, but we know this individual is a confirmed post-apocalyptic warlord.

#9 Post-Apocalyptic Mushroom Cloud

mushroom cloud post-apocalyptic tattoo

You don’t have to go big or elegant in your post-apocalyptic tat. You don’t need piles of color. You can go classic. That’s what this individual did.

Nothing says apocalypse like a mushroom cloud. The nuclear war, the radioactive fallout, and everything that’s associated with a nuclear bomb is captured by its mushroom cloud.

After World War III hits, this individual will already have a tattoo to symbolize the day the world came to an end. Our destruction is inevitable. This guy is just ahead of the game.

Boom. Boom. POW!

#8 Gas Mask Figure with a Message

You can see the similarities of this tattoo with number ten. This one has the standard gas mask figure with an industrial wasteland.

But wait! It also has destroyed city buildings, and… is that hope?

This post-apocalyptic figure found a sign of life and beauty in the destruction and decay. He crawls out of the debris to hold a single daisy… or is he pulling it out by its roots?

#7 Zombie Apocalypse Tattoo

zombie apocalypse tattoo

Zombies and the apocalypse go hand-in-hand. So, if you have a zombie tattoo, you have a post-apocalyptic tattoo.

This woman captured her zombie obsession with a zombie apocalypse mural covering her left side. These zombies are looking back at the observer, at you, hungry for your brains.

What a great conversation starter this tattoo makes. When you’re at a party and people are showing their flower and anchor tattoos, you can pull your shirt up for everyone to see this roaming mob of flesh eaters.

How cool would it would be if she got bit and turned into a zombie herself? That’s what I want to see, a zombie with zombie tattoos.

#6 Gas Mask Figure with Child

post-apocalyptic tattoo child

Forget the industrial wasteland and daisies. A lonely child holding her stuffed teddy bear in what’s left of the world is far more interesting.

This over-sized gas mask figure is looking down at the girl. Is he going to save her? Is he looking down at her in pity?

Wait… there’s a cityscape reflection in his mask… he’s not looking at the girl at all. But she’s looking up at him, the monster gas mask figure looming above.

#5 Bombs, Kid, Skull, and Bullets

Take the gas mask off the stereotypical hooded figure and put it on a kid. Add bombs falling in the background. Death is everywhere – add a skull. Fight for your life – add some bullets!

What’s not to love about this tattoo? It’s located in a great spot, serves as a 1/4 sleeve, and blends four different post-apocalyptic tattoos into one.

The artist did a great job bringing these different-but-related pieces into one unique post-apocalyptic piece.

I love it.

#4 The Walking Dead Tattoo

walking dead post-apocalyptic tattoo

Why cover your side with a zombie apocalypse tattoo when you can cover your entire chest? This devoted fan of The Walking Dead did just that. He loves his zombies, but not as much as he loves Rick Grimes. Rick stands above the zombies with his mighty .44 magnum, ready to save the day – or at least himself.

#3 Post-Apocalyptic Nun Tattoo

post-apocalyptic nun

This idea is both disturbing and righteous. If someone is going to be watching the mushroom clouds go up, watching the world come to an end, make it a young nun… who apparently bleeds from her eyes.

Post-apocalyptic tattoos such as this one are modern art. They say so much, yet say so little. What can we gather from this tat?

We know the world is ending. A nun watches it burn through sunglasses. Are the sunglasses there just to add the reflection, or is this nun about to hop on her Harley and ride?

Probably not the Harley. She’s bleeding at the eyes… Maybe she also has Ebola.

#2 Post-Apocalyptic Scenery

post-apocalyptic scenery tattoo

Wow. You can go well beyond gas masks and mushroom clouds for your post-apocalyptic tattoos. You can let a tattoo artist cover your back in urban destruction. That’s what this person did.

“Death Is” and “The Road” – are these two intended to be read together, as in “Death is the Road”? It would appear that way as there is a destroyed highway overpass front and center. Or is it a reference to The Road?

None of that really matters – just look at it.

#1 Total Post-Apocalyptic Tattoo Insanity

best of post-apocalyptic tattoos

All other post-apocalyptic tattoos kneel before this one. I can’t even begin to fathom the time that went into this masterpiece (or money). But just look at everything we’ve got going on here.

Gas mask? Check. Child wearing the gas mask? Check. Child holding a teddy bear? Check. Armed figures coming to get the child? Check. Child’s flaming red hair in flames? Check. The entire planet on fire!? Check!

That wraps up this Top Ten list. Now I just need to figure out what I should get…

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