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Top 20 Best Prepper Survival Blogs

by Derrick James

There are a lot of good survival and prepper blogs out there, but sometimes it can be difficult to cut through all the fluff and dead sites. I have been at this prepper blog thing now since 2007 when I started SHTF blog – a Modern Survival Blog. At that time there were, literally, maybe a dozen “decent” prepper blogs in existence. Many of those sites have come and gone since then. Hell, I even sold SHTF blog off (twice) before eventually re-acquiring it in 2020.

Many sites have gone through ownership changes during that time. Blogging is not easy. Beyond having to come up with constant content, there is ongoing site maintenance, and reader expectations of continuous posts. It is easy to burn out if you are not careful. I have done it, and I have seen many others bloggers do the same. Usually their blogs just fade away into the abyss or they sell the site off to some buyer who is trying to make a fortune.

Sure, all of us writing prepper blogs (well, most of us anyway) are hoping for profit. If you approach blogging solely as a hobby, the site will never grow because the commitment is rarely there. The difference that I have seen when a founder sells of his/her survival blog is that it goes from someone with an interest in prepping first (and profit second) to someone who has an interest in profit first (and may not care about prepping at all). These new buyers read news articles about people buying up survival supplies. They they think, “Oh, I’ll buy some blogs in this market!” This manifests itself when the site goes from a conversational tone to bland content. That content is written more for search engines than real people.

My list will likely differ a bit from similar lists you will find. This is because my list is not based purely on a site’s traffic. My prepper blog list has more to do with the site itself, the content, the writer(s). I will, of course, leave off my own sites: Prepper Press, where I am the sole writer; and SHTF Blog, where I and a few others I know personally do the writing.

There are plenty of other survival sites out there that are not blogs (Survival Pulse as an example), but this list focuses on blogs. The list that follows are sites that I visit when I have free time and can take a break from my own prepping work. The list may be numbered, but it does not indicate any type of preferential ranking. So, without further ado…

best survival blogs
  1. Survival Blog – This is arguably the most popular prepping website out there. It was in existence well before 2007 when I started blogging. Survival blog is run by James Wesley Rawles, a blogger who has also written SHTF fiction (Patriots). His site has posts about just about anything. The regular news commentary called Survivalists Odds n’ Sods on the site is also interesting.
  2. Off The Grid News – A blog that is primarily devoted to homesteading. There are a great number of articles discussing forgotten skills, herbal remedies, and tips on raising livestock. The only downside to the site is the sheer amount of ads.
  3. Rural Revolution – Run by Idahoan farm wife, Patrice Lewis, she regularly posts updates. She keeps reading in-the-know on how her farm is doing with both insightful and humorous dialogue. She does some political writing, but what I like most about her site is that it is not commercialized. It is still a blog like the blogs I remember from early on – basic yet personal.
  4. The Prepper Journal – A great overall prepping website that is known for its regular writing contests. A broad assortment of how to, prepping hacks, skills, and societal discussions dominate this blog.
  5. Back Door Survival – Here is an example of the sites I described. Gaye Levy, the original owner, sold it off to new owners. I miss Gaye’s personal approach to the site, but the new owners have done a great job keeping it current with quality content.
  6. Pew Pew Tactical – This blog is all firearms, but it is run by a great group of people. It is a true small, American business. Eric Hung has done a good job keeping content fun by surrounding himself with good staff. Allison Goodwin, someone I have worked with before, was a great addition. If you want to stay current in the world of shooting, you should monitor this blog.
  7. Doom and Bloom – Run by a doctor and his wife, Doom and Bloom is probably the best website out there that tackles the medical facets of prepping. Aside from that, they had also made a fun survival board game off Kickstarter that I contributed to years ago. The game was fun! If you want to know how to keep your family healthy in a post-disaster world where regular access to a doctor is out of the question, you need to read Doom and Bloom.
  8. Mother Earth News – I love Mother Earth News. More of a magazine than a blog, but it is fantastic and it is the best source of regular information on homesteading that I have found. Joel Salatin, arguably the most famous farmer on the planet right now, regularly writes for the site. If you are interested in improving the yields, efficiency, or profit margins of your farm/homestead, you need to check out Mother Earth News.
  9. The Survival Mom – I have always thought that the perspective Lisa Bedford, aka The Survival Mom, has brought to her blog is very interesting. A favorite of news reporters looking for interviews on prepping, she tackles topics that you will not find on other prepping related sites mainly related to taking care of kids. However, this site is much more than just a parenting blog and has a well-rounded topic base. I have always found her book reviews to be helpful as well.
  10. Modern Survival Online – I miss the days of collaborating with “Rourke,” the founder of MSO (who eventually sold the site), but the site is still decent. It is a comprehensive and well-organized blog that covers everything from homesteading and weapons, to disaster communications. They have a very good selection of bushcraft articles as well, a subject that I think is all too often neglected within the prepping community.
  11. The Survivalist Blog – Like MSO above, this was a site where I miss the founder, M.D. Creekmore, who was more raw, less polished. Now the site is run by Survival Sullivan, and it seems to have retained a pretty solid reader base. Aside from just the regular prepping posts that you would expect from such a site, Sullivan gives his reader base regular updates on what he is doing on a weekly basis to keep his own family prepared for disaster as well.
  12. The Survival Podcast – Run by Jack Spirko, a well-known survivalist, The Survival Podcast is both a blog and a podcast covering a wide variety of subjects. Spirko has been at it for a while, so he is has established himself as an expert in the prepper field.
  13. The Organic Prepper – This is a great site run by Daisy Luther. You will find incredibly practical looks at how preppers can prepare for the worst with current events. I really like the approach that Daisy brings to the table, as well as the hard work she puts into her site as well.
  14. Prepper Website – This is a bare bones website built on with a Drudge Report-inspired layout maintained by a great guy, Todd Sepulveda. The site will direct you to some of the hottest prepper articles currently floating around the internet. A lot of people visit it on a daily basis.
  15. Survival Life – This is a monster site, and by that I mean one of the big boys – think “corporate.” Still, I have always thought the site has some pretty good articles. The articles are creative and well-illustrated. I have never really known them to tackle current events in an up close and personal way, but that is a bit of fresh air compared to many sites.
  16. The Prepared – This is a newer site (relatively), and they garnered quite a bit of attention post-coronavirus when they were interviewed about prepping. These guys post regularly, and I like how they examine some of the legal aspects of preparedness.
  17. Survival Cache – This is a very gear-centric prepper site that has a lot of various product reviews. You can sort their articles by gear type.
  18. Apartment Prepper – Bernie Carr is a blogger who has been blogging consistently through the prepper ups and downs. The site tackles an angle of prepping that often gets left behind. Not everybody can move out to the country and start their own farm. For those who can’t, but still understand the need to prepare, The Apartment Prepper helps with posts that will help you to mitigate your disaster risk while simultaneously not turning your apartment into a gigantic food pantry.
  19. Rogue Preparedness – Morgan Rogue is a personable writer who has been keeping her site updated for years. She is also active on many social media sites including YouTube and Pinterest.
  20. Survival Common Sense – I have interacted with Leon Pantenburg, the site’s owner, numerous times over the years. He has always been a pleasant fellow. He has a slew of articles about knives (he sells them, hence all the knife articles), survival, and gear reviews. Leon is a former newspaper worker who lives in Oregon.

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