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Top 10 Best Second Amendment Memes

by Derrick James

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a meme worth? When it comes to arguing with gun control advocates online, sometimes a meme can offer clear and concise logic that is difficult to refute. For those of you who cherish not only our Constitution, but also our inherent rights, here are the top ten best second amendment memes of all time.

by Aden Tate, author of The Faithful Prepper

Note that, because we take pride in our work, we made these memes into clean, higher-resolution images. These 2A memes are crisp, so feel free to save and share them with others. Then let the online arguments ensue in the comments that follow. Always a good time!

#10 Thinking Dinosaur Musket Meme

The “musket” argument is one that gets used by gun control advocates over and over. It’s a recurring theme in these memes, throwing the musket argument back at them with logic that “should” make them go “hmmmm.”

dinosaur 2a meme

#9 Clint Eastwood on Gun Control

Clint Eastwood, whether portraying a cowboy or Dirty Harry, held a gun in many of his movie roles. It’s hard to argue with his logic. If there is a gun around, I want to be in control of it, too!

clint eastwood gun meme

#8 AR-15 and Quill Pen Meme

Here we are with the musket again. Muskets are to quill pens as ballpoint pens are to AR-15s. ‘Nuff said.

2a musket meme

#7 Don’t Register Your Gun Meme

Did you register your voice or keyboard in order to express your freedom of speech? I didn’t think so.

register gun meme

#6 California 2nd Amendment Supporter

Conservatives, preppers, and many others like to criticize California’s high taxes and strict gun control laws. Imagine being in California using your 1st Amendment rights to advocate for your 2nd Amendment rights.

california gun control meme
“I can’t. Fight them. Off. Much. Longer…”

#5 Second Amendment Theme Park

Speaking of California, they do have some good theme parks. If you want a 2nd Amendment theme park, however, you merely need to visit your local shooting range.

second amendment theme park
That’s what I’ll call them from now on.

#4 Female Defense Meme

The equal protection clause in the 14th Amendment requires states to treat all citizens equally. However, when it comes to personal defense, the 2nd Amendment is the great equalizer.

2a woman gun meme

#3 Muskets and Medicine

If AR-15 advanced technology changes the impact of the 2nd Amendment, what does applying that logic to other areas mean?

old medical tools musket

#2 Founding Fathers and Advances in Technology

Let’s address this “advances in technology” argument head on, shall we? Do you think that’s what the Founding Fathers intended?

george washington 2a meme

#1 Limits on Constitution Meme

If the Founding Fathers did not mean to limit the Constitution’s power to early-American technology, did they mean to limit it unless there is an unfortunate tragedy?

found fathers gun meme

I think not.

Meme Wrap Up

So there you have it, the top ten best Second Amendment memes in clear, crisp resolution. Use and share freely!

Do you have a favorite 2A meme or argument? Let us know in the comments section.

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Dave from San Antonio August 14, 2020 - 8:01 pm

Just a thought. I’ve noticed that criminals seem to obey the law better than most of our elected officials…honor their ‘Oath of Office’.


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