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Three Rules Preppers Must Follow to Avoid Becoming Targets

by Derrick James

So shit finally hit the fan – the moment you’ve been waiting for, the time you’ve long been prepping for… but now preppers are targets!

preppers targets

In a true survival situation, your objective is what? To stay safe. Secure. To stay surrounded by freeze dried foods. You want to survive! It’s the same thing everyone else will want. And if the threat is real, and times get truly desperate, the unprepared will come for preppers en masse, like hungry zombies eager to feast on your heads.

Not only will they target you, the prepper, they will hate you. YOU are the one doing so well while everyone else is suffering. YOU are the one with well-fed kids while other children cry from hunger. “Share your food!” you’ll hear them yell. “Don’t be greedy!” they’ll argue. “You jerk!” they’ll spit. All before turning to “Give us your crap!”

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Rule #1 – Keep Your Mouth Shut

Operational Security (OPSEC) – Experienced preppers have heard this before, and they know it’s Rule #1 for a reason. This is about keeping your preparations on the down-low. There is a careful balance between trying to encourage others around you to make preparations and talking up how much you have stashed away, but if you want to keep what you’ve stocked – best not to advertise it to the world. Oh, but you have 4,832 firearms ready for the approaching hordes of cockroaches coming for your potatoes? Is that really your backup plan, shooting everyone who comes your way? Good luck with that. Best off to remain anonymous, which brings us to…

Rule #2 – Become a Gray Man, a Gray Woman, a Gray “They”

The “Gray Man” concept centers around looking as “normal” as you can. I know, if you’re crazy enough to hang out here and you joined the Prepper Press Tribe, there’s probably little that’s normal about you – but you can do it! You want to blend in with the crowd. That means not wearing 5.11 tactical pants all the time (on the flip side, pants of that type are great for conceal carry, which is consistent with being gray). During a crisis, that means not seeming calm when everyone else is tweaking. If everyone is asking when help is coming, you should be asking the same thing. If everyone else’s house is in the dark, don’t be running the generator. Being an everyday bro in these instances is essential to your survival. It’s about being invisible when in plain sight. And if that doesn’t work…

Rule #3 – Be Prepared to Vacate

So you didn’t obey Rule #1. Because of that, Rule #2 didn’t work – people now know you’re the crazy prepper that wasn’t so crazy after all. Now what? Get the hell out of town, that’s what. This is your backup plan to your backup plan. It’s the “load-the-bug-out-vehicle with goods-and-go plan.” You should work this into all preparation plans from the start, because of Murphy’s Law – if something can go wrong it will. Expect the unexpected – you’re a prepper, that’s why you prep, because the unexpected can happen. That remains true even if you’ve prepped. “Vacate” may mean driving to Grandma’s house. It could mean going to a friend’s house whom you had agreed to combine forces with, a house where people would have no reason to assume preppers live.

When shit hits the fan, and everyone enters panic mode, you don’t want to be the one everyone around thinks of as the go-to person to help them survive. Being that person could be the biggest mistake you make. Don’t be a target!

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