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The Dark Age – The Post-Apocalyptic Film You Haven’t Heard of Yet

by Derrick James

One of the benefits of being a self-proclaimed doomsday journalist is having the inside track on upcoming books, movies, and products. The Dark Age (official site), an independent and yet-to-be-released post-apocalyptic short film, is one such example.

I became aware of this movie through Instagram (follow us). I had a brief exchange with Jeremy Dash, one of the Executive Producers and lead actor, and expressed my interest in reviewing the film. Before long I had the credentials to see it before its release.

The Movie’s Official Synopsis

The Dark Age is a short film that picks up seven years after a catastrophic solar storm destroys the global power grid, plunging humanity into darkness. It follows two women from a survival colony, as they track down an electronic signal they’ve discovered, leading to a deranged loner who will stop at nothing to protect his mysterious power supply.

Isaac in The Dark Age
Isaac is a mysterious stranger surviving inside an abandoned industrial complex.

The movie will be playing at film festivals throughout the year and is looking to be released in late 2019.

Watch the Trailer
My Review

The first thing to remember here is that this is a short film, as in under 30 minutes short. The second thing to remember is that this is not a big production film. There is no major film giant behind it. It is a small group of people with film and acting experience collaborating on a project. My review is written within that context.

The acting was surprisingly good! There were a few minor instances where the acting threw me off guard (maybe it was just me), but it was very clear everyone starring in the film has talent and some experience in acting.

Val and Maya The Dark Age
Val and Maya search an abandoned industrial complex for a power source.

The cinematography was really good, too! The camera angles were all good. The use of lighting throughout the film was superb (enhanced the “dark” aspect). The sound set just the right mood. I was advised to dim the lights and turn the sound up. Just a few minutes into the film I could see why.

Val and Maya electricity
Val and Maya seeing electricity for the first time in a long time.

The only place it came up short (no pun intended) for me was with the story itself. It simply did not live up to its potential. I felt there were opportunities to enhance the plot or give the characters more depth, but it just didn’t happen. I do understand, though, that the short nature of the movie was likely a limiting factor in just how deep they could go.

That said, in comparison to most big-budget films produced for the masses, this movie is unique. It’s small-scale production and brevity gives it a charm that you won’t find elsewhere.

I have added The Dark Age to our Complete List of Post-Apocalyptic Movies, and I rate it 3.5 out of 5 mushroom clouds.

three half mushroom clouds
On the set
Director Jonah Schwartz and Executive Producer Jeremy Dash of The Dark Age.

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