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Sure Water Tanks – the Best Water Storage Solution?

by Derrick James

We all know water filtration and storage is critical to effective prepping. Filtration is important when you’re lost in the woods, bugging out, or trying to secure potable water in a post-apocalyptic world of HELL. Water storage is critical if you have to stay indoors. Maybe radioactive fallout is raining down on your neighborhood. Maybe bands of thugs are wandering about post-natural disaster. Whatever the reason, with a general guideline of one gallon per person per day, storing water isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, particularly for urban or suburban preppers. Sure Water tanks might be your solution.

Water is heavy.

It takes up a lot of space. It needs to be rotated. If you’re aiming for basic 30-days’ worth of resources for a family of four, you’re looking at 120 gallons of stored water. Now, you might say, “But A-Poc, I can’t drink a gallon of water a day even if I tried. I’d pee like a racehorse and it’s just unnecessary – be real!”

I say, “Think outside the water barrel, my post-apocalyptic peep.” It’s not just about drinking water. You’ll need water to clean your smelly self. If you’ve stocked up on long-term freeze dried foods to get you by, you’ll also need water to reconstitute that grub. Besides that, what if Auntie Em crawls to your door on the verge of dehydration?


Sure Water storage tank

People advise all sorts of solutions, from storing water in old milk jugs to buying 55-gallon water barrels. I lean more toward the latter, but what happens if you take that 55-gallon barrel and put it on ROIDS? You get the 260-gallon Sure Water water tank. Here is picture of mine.

Overkill? I think not! Sure, it’s a beast of a tank, and it doesn’t come cheap (I got this one long before current prices), but do the math. This tank stores nearly the same amount of water as five 55-gallon barrels! As of this writing, the barrels (with accessories) cost about $150 each. $150 x 5 = $750. This tank (with free shipping) costs $750. It’s virtually the same price in a much more compact, easy to use, better-constructed water tank.

Sure Water tanks are:

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Made from food-grade material
  • BPA free
  • 70 pounds empty
  • 82 inches tall
  • 2,170 pounds full

Rotating Fresh Water

I was fortunate when we bought our house, it already had a space in the basement with a spare drain, making draining water as easy as connecting a hose and turning the bottom valve (the one on the left near the buckets in the above pic is used to access drinking water).

Sure Water tank drain

Just turn the ball valve and watch it flow!

I know not every house has a spare drain like this, but odds are you might have a washer drain that you could use for the rare occasion that you need to drain the tank.

With an easy drain option, I only needed an easy way to fill it. That was as simple as a quick trip to the home improvement store for some Pex plumbing equipment and connecting to existing cold water lines to put a new line just above the tank. I just turn that ball valve and gush goes the water.

water tank supply line
Easy to fill from above. Easy to drain from below.

This solution to water storage woes won’t work for everyone, but if the conditions are right, it very well could be the best solution for suburban and urban preppers.

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