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Starting Gunsmithing? 6 Beginner Tips to Help

by Derrick James
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Are you a gun enthusiast? People tend to have a lot of delusions about guns and weapons. Various parts of the world have strict gun laws to prevent their usage. However, if you channel your love for guns in the right manner, you can actually make some money out of it – or at least become more familiar with your own guns.

According to Vocational Training HQ, the average salary in the USA for a gunsmith is around $39,935. Alaska, New Jersey, and Connecticut continue to be front runners in churning out gunsmiths.

In fact, in the USA, more and more people are opting to become gunsmiths. As per Data USA, in 2017 alone, over 1000 degrees were awarded pertaining to gunsmithing. This showcased a 10 percent increase compared to previous years!

What is a Gunsmith?

A gunsmith is responsible for a wide variety of tasks related to guns. This includes designing new weapons, repairing current ones, and possibly building guns from scratch.

However, building weapons from scratch is not often demanded by the masses. Many prefer getting in touch with a Glock stocking dealer or a local gun shop to get their hands on the latest firearms.

For this reason, most gunsmiths tend to repair or customize standard firearms. As long as the gun laws of the U.S. don’t get strict, as a gunsmith, you don’t have to worry about a lack of clients.

Tips to Begin Gunsmithing

Before you enroll in a gunsmith program, here are some tips you should follow to hone your skills and to gain a firm understanding of the subject.

1. Research about the technical aspects

Just because you are a gun enthusiast doesn’t mean you have the skills and knowledge needed to be an expert gunsmith. Between building, designing, and repairing weapons, there are a lot of technical nitty-gritty elements you must take care of. In the world of guns, it is even more important to master the technical aspects. A slight slip-up can end up causing grave injury to someone.

So, before you pursue a career or hobby in gunsmithing, begin by understanding what basic skills you must master first. Learn how guns work, not just from a functional point of view but a mechanical point of view as well. Even just reading a book like Gunsmithing Modern Firearms will give you a big jump on understanding the firearms you encounter or own.

2. Have the Right Set of Tools

If you are passionate about guns, the chances are that you have already bought your first gun or plan on doing so. But to get into gunsmithing, you must build upon your collection of tools that will help you in repairing, cleaning, and maintaining guns. This can include items like:

3. Keep Up with Gun-related Developments

Just like any other field, gunsmithing also requires you to have a firm grasp of both past and current development in the sector.

When getting into gunsmithing, make a point to read up on the history of guns and gun laws — research regarding popular gunsmiths and their discoveries. By leveraging past and current trends in the sector, you can help play an integral role in the gunsmithing industry yourself.

4. Commit to Gun Safety

One cannot stress enough on the significance of following gun safety rules. Any person related to handling and business of guns must follow and teach others to take gun safety measures.

Read up on gun laws and guidelines. Make sure that you always abide by them. Do everything by the book. Taking shortcuts during the process and not following the guidelines might cost your customer his/her life.

5. Research Gunsmithing Programs

Once you have done your homework, you should consider enrolling in programs that help hone your skills. There are a plethora of classes and courses that cover a variety of subjects related to gunsmithing.

6. Seek Experience

There is only so much one can learn from theoretical classes. The real learning begins when you enter the profession. For practical experience, seek out any potential apprenticeship in your area. Apply via Association of Gunsmith and Related Trades. 

If you are looking for an informal and casual learning experience, you can also approach your local gun sellers and gunsmith and ask if they can mentor you. Also, if you have a gun yourself, you can also practice by taking it apart and trying to put it back together. Such practical experience can go a long way.

Ending Remark: Give it your all!

Not everyone gets to transform their passion into a career (or a source of side income). Gunsmithing provides the perfect opportunity.

Getting into gunsmithing can be challenging. But, if you have a knack for delving into technical fields, you will surely enjoy the career.

Are there any gunsmithing tips that you think will help others? Comment below.

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