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Scottish “Prophecy Prepper” Sets Record Straight on Fake News Articles About Him

by Derrick James

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Our second “Spotlight On” interview is of Prophecy Prepper, a Scottish prepper (first was Jim Cobb). We reached out to him in part because of the sudden fame he received from all of the new articles about his prepping for Brexit (Scared Brits Prep with Brexit Boxes), but what was of most interest was how the media unfairly portrayed him.

Preppers who are profiled by shows like Doomsday Preppers and the like are known for being shown in a poor light, sensationalized to make them seem extreme, to make them seem more paranoid than they are in reality, and to make an entertaining story for the reader/viewer.

While that might make good “news” entertainment, it does little to help the prepper community and the image of preppers as a whole. We wanted to give Prophecy Prepper the opportunity to set the story straight.

Before you read the interview below, it would help to understand the full picture by reading how he was portrayed by The Daily Mail and/or The Scottish Sun.

Now he has an opportunity to respond to those articles – and the trolls – and to offer his thoughts on prepping in general.


Q: How did you come into the spotlight recently as a Scottish prepper?

A: I believe they found me through searching online and came across my YouTube channel, Prophecy Prepper.

Q: What was the reaction from your friends and family when your story hit the press?

A: They found it a bit cool to be in the press, but didn’t think too much into it. We were all amazed at how the papers twisted and sensationalized it without even talking to me. That was the main discussion

Q: You said the journalist either misrepresented or got a lot of your story wrong. What parts of the story were exaggerated or misleading?

A: That the Russians were coming due to Brexit and that I am going into the highlands to hunt squirrels, haha. I have not spent £2000 on food! That amount has been spent on camping equipment and filming equipment for my channel.

Q: You mentioned getting a lot of trolling comments after your story. What was the nature of them and how did you respond?

A: Just trashing the article and highlighting how they believe everything they read. Some threats and slagging me off. One particular group on Facebook; UK Preppers SHTF, were extremely hostile. Including the admins. They had their insults and drove others on the feed to do the same. They ended up blocking me as when I came back with a response and some .gifs, they couldn’t handle the fact I was enjoying getting the upper hand and moral high ground, so they blocked me. They also blocked a few others who stuck up for me. But good came from this, as some of us have set up our own group; prepping for Brexit, and it will be responsibly monitored unlike those in the other group.

I also did a video response to clear up the lies and the ending was a clear message to the trolls. It had everyone laughing and it helped me through it. Here is the video, enjoy the ending of it, lol.

Q: How do you plan to balance your interest in keeping your preps secret with having your name and face all over the place?

A: My plans are not publicized. After a day or two it is all old news, people forget.

Q: When did you start prepping and what prompted it?

A: I was studying abroad in Seminary, studying for the priesthood, but I became increasingly depressed and anxious, and my last 6 months saw me isolating myself more and watching YouTube videos. I can’t remember how I came across the particular channels, but all of a sudden I was watching wild camping and bushcraft channels stemming probably from Ray Mears, but it was ordinary people doing these videos and it just reminded me of my childhood. Hours every day spent in the woods after school making tree swings, camps, going on mini adventures. Then from there I stumbled into preppers who were also doing the same stuff. When I learned that a prepper is one preparing for life changing scenarios, I realized they were talking my language as I have a strong belief that everything is leading to catastrophe of some sort. My belief, as a Catholic, is focused on a clearer source, that of Marian apparitions, where the Blessed Virgin Mary has appeared in certain places such as Fatima, Portugal in 1917 and most recently in Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina since 1981.

Q: What is the one modern convenience you’d miss the most if society collapsed?

A: I honestly don’t know. When i am away camping or on holiday, I don’t miss TV or Internet. I am too busy enjoying the sights and the experience. Maybe harder labor will be difficult as I get older, so power tools and modern means to make work easier will be a sore miss. Running water and a flushing toilet probably.

Q: If the world as we know it came to an apocalyptic end, what would the most likely cause be?

A: WW3, increasing natural catastrophes, or an asteroid. The Doomsday Clock is stuck at 2 minutes to the hour for these factors, especially nuclear WW3. We will cause it ourselves first, I believe.

Q: What personal attributes will be most important after a societal collapse?

A: A strong, rational mind.

Q: What is your favorite post-apocalyptic movie?

A: Haven’t watched too many, but I did like The Book of Eli with Denzel Washington.

Q: What do you think is the most overlooked skill most preppers don’t have?

A: Too many preppers seem to focus on stockpiling their food surplus at home. Maybe growing their own vegetables and working with wind/solar power, etc. This makes an easier life in their location, but what happens if they need to bug out? They need to leave it behind and go somewhere else. Too many preppers don’t learn bushcraft skills, don’t get away through wild camping, etc. Their mindsets from the beginning will be negative, with panic, feeling low morale etc. I had to go through it myself, lying in a tent with heavy rain, already drenched from carrying my gear, missing the comforts of home. If you allow that to overtake you, you won’t make it for long. Then there is the hard labor needed for finding drinking water and food. How can they suddenly do this if they haven’t practiced and learned? They need to be active with this. But enjoy the fun of it too, rather than looking at it as a doomsday training event.

Q: Have you ever been in a situation when you had to utilize your preps or prepper know-how? If so, what was it?

A: I didn’t have to utilize anything but I learned from a situation where the local water supply got contaminated for a day or two. The government brought stockpiles of bottled water which were rationed. The traffic queues to get in for it where obviously very long. People were arguing with the workers as it was not enough water to wash and bathe, etc. The panic, anger all within a matter of hours. Thinking of luxury such as for washing, rather than thinking that if they don’t have water within a few days to drink – they will die. Made me realize just how bad it would be if the shelves were empty for a few days with no sign of supplies. Who would be the smart ones then? Who would be laughing then? The preppers!

Q: Why do you think the apocalypse is so popular right now in books, movies, television, etc.?

A: This can go deep, lol. As I have already highlighted, my belief and source of being Prophecy Prepper – the philosopher in me believes that humans still have an innate conscience and some sort of marker in their being where not only do we know good from bad, but also have the possibility in believing in God. The apocalyptic scenarios always go back to the Book of Revelation in the Bible, a.k.a. the Apocalypse.

Even if its sensationalized by media, even if they don’t belief it, subconsciously, humanity can sense where it is going. And for many hundreds of millions of Christians, especially Catholics who are clued up in the Marian apparitions, everything happening is fitting into place.

Q: What is the compelling advice/argument you’d use to convince a friend or family member that prepping is important?

A: Take the example of the water contamination or the empty shelves last year due to the Beast Form the East (2018 cold wave), or when the Icelandic volcano erupted. The government had to find ways of getting 11,000 tons of daily produce into the country that would normally have been flown in. Look at how quickly disorder changes us. Now with Brexit and tensions with Russia. What’s next for us?

Q: Outside of anything related to prepping, what do you have for hobbies or do for fun?

A: YouTube, bushcraft, and camping are my main hobbies. I enjoy the odd game of chess – it does well for the prepared mind, lol. I want a camper van and get on the road for some adventures. When I go away I love the photography too.

Q: Imagine it’s one year after a devastating global pandemic hit. What does the world look like?

A: Barren, quiet. Maybe it is one massive graveyard. Merciless environment to survive in.

Q: Do any of your non-prepper friends/acquaintances think you are a tinfoil hat-wearing crazy person?

A: No. They know me well and know I am sound-minded with a lot of education behind me.

Q: Do you have any parting advice or wisdom you’d like to share with others?

A: Being a prepper is nothing other than someone taking extra precautions to survive. It might be extra food for a few days or saving extra cash for that rainy day. This is someone planning for something or just to feel extra secure if an unexpected bill or situation arises. The government prepares well for everything, where it’s military of anarchy. The government has become the parent who supplies the food and security, but when they are at the mercy of bad weather, Brexit negotiations, or some natural catastrophe, we immediately see how things quickly change. Why would you not want to have preparations just in case, but without it consuming your mindset or way of life? If companies are stockpiling and preparing for a no-deal Brexit, why are you not stocking up on extra food? Why is it sensible for them to make their business and profits survive, but it’s silly for us to survive with some extra food and water storage for the same reason?

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