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Scared Brits Turn Prepper with the Brexit Box

by Derrick James
brexit boxes

Brexit is coming! Brexit is coming! Get your Brexit Box!

Brits are going bananas for Brexit Boxes! As Brexit gets closer, people are beginning to worry there will be no deal, causing mayhem at the ports, supply chain disruptions, and empty store shelves – no toilet paper! Everyone is stocking up.

The government, on one hand, is saying there is no need for people to stockpile food, and then on the other hand, has asked drugmakers to stockpile an additional six weeks’ worth of products (source).

Britain imports half of its food from other countries, so any delay in deliveries could cause serious shortages. Those seeing the potential absence of import/export deals as a serious threat are stocking up on food and medications. Britain is the fifth-largest economy in the world, so the fact that social systems of this scale are prone to this level of disruption should be a wake up call for everyone (normalcy bias).

Seeing a business opportunity here, Emergency Food Storage UK has created… the Brexit Box! For the equivalent of about $380 U.S., you get 60 meals’ worth of freeze dried meals, a firestarter gel, and a cheap water filter.

Price comparison – a 14-Day Mountain House Emergency Food Supply Kit is $248.00, and a LifeStraw water purifier is $14.96.

There are so many Brits stocking supplies that it could create the very thing they’re trying to prepare for – shortages. Mumsnet, UK’s most popular parenting website, has a thread dedicated to the subject where people even discuss stocking booze and cigarette butts for bartering. There is even a Facebook group for these worried Brits – 48% Preppers – referencing the 48% of Britons who voted to remain in the EU.

Those people buying the Brexit Box take comfort in knowing that even if Brexit doesn’t result in riots, looting, and pandemonium, at least they now have some emergency food stored away with a 25-year shelf life.

There are worse things than that!

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