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A Review of the Best Stoves for Hiking and Bug Out Bags

by Derrick James
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Looking for a compact stove for your bug out bag or hiking backpack? Watch my YouTube video review below where I do a fast comparison of three of the best stoves: Jetboil, GSI Outdoors Minimalist Complete, and MSR Whisperlite. First I review the features of each, then I take them into the hills where we fire them up to make lunch.

Here is the video, and below you’ll find links to the various products I reference. Comment below to let me (and others) know what stove you use!

Best Stove YouTube Video Review

Stoves and Equipment

  • Jetboil Stove – Blistering boil times come standard on the industry-leading Jetboil Flash. By modeling the combustion and selecting materials to optimize efficiency, we were able to create the fastest Jetboil ever—cutting a full minute off our best boil time.
  • Jetboil Pot Support – Safely use your cookware on a Jetboil cook stove with the Jetboil Pot Support.
  • Jetboil Coffee Press – For use with Jetboil. Brings civilization with you, even to the most uncivilized locations. Works just like a French Press in your Jetboil cup.
  • GSI Outdoors Minimalist Complete Stove – The Halulite Minimalist Complete features an ultralight design that integrates everything you need for hot meals and warm drinks in an impossibly small footprint.
  • MSR WhisperLite Stove – The WhisperLite stove has been the number one choice of outdoor adventurers for over 25 years. Backpackers, climbers, hikers and adventure travelers alike have come to rely on its easy-to-use design and durable, stainless steel and brass construction to deliver dependable performance in most any situation.
  • MSR WhisperLite International (multi-fuel) – The Whisperlite International multi-fuel stove was designed from nearly 20 years of proven field use and feedback. The one-piece, stamped stainless steel leg assembly increases stability and simplifies maintenance while also reducing weight.
  • White Gas Liquid Fuel Canister – 30-ounce liquid fuel bottle for use with MSR liquid fuel stoves, or for carrying spare gas for motorcycles, scooters, chainsaws, and emergencies.
  • Hiking Cookware – The 9 pieces camping cookware kit includes 1 mini stove + 2 aluminum non-stick pots + 1 spoon + 1 fork + 1 knife + 1 stainless steel cup (16oz) + 1 silicone insulated cup protector + 2 Carry bag.
  • Hiking Stove Burner Unit – Stainless Steel and Aluminum Alloy combine to create one of the lightest and most portable camping stoves on the market. The included carrying case further adds to the portability as it can simply be tossed in a bag without worry.
  • Set of 2 Nalgene Bottles – Made from durable Tritan material, which is BPA free and guaranteed for life, this bottle is also dishwasher safe, able to hold over 32 ounces of fluid, has an attached loop lid, and proudly made in the USA. This may just be the last water bottle you will ever need to purchase.
best stove canisters
Various sized fuel canisters.

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Nate July 4, 2019 - 2:40 am

I use the MSR Pocket Rocket (the first version, not the newer one). Fantastic little stove and have used it on multiple occasions. Super easy to use and incredibly compact, keep it in a b.o.b ready to go with a small canister of fuel.


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