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Welcome to the Prepper News page from Prepper Press. This is not a collection of various preppers’ blog posts. Nor does it include links to reports on economic collapse, pandemics, or TEOTWAWKI. There are enough other sites out there pushing those articles already.

Instead, what follows is an updated collection of legitimate news articles that either feature or discuss preppers, prepping, and survivalism.

I follow this information regularly and collect it here. So, if you like prepping as much as I do, be sure to bookmark this page. Don’t want to come back? Join the Prepper Press tribe and we will send you a weekly update.

September 2020

9/22 – Luxury doomsday bunkers: How the mega-rich are preparing for the apocalypse

9/21 – Is 2020 the end of the world? Inside the latest doomsday prophecy

9/21 – End of the world: Ancient Viking slab decoding warns of ‘civilization’s doomsday’

9/21 – A Prepper’s Secrets to Surviving What’s Left of 2020

9/16 – Gas masks and hazmat suits are flying off the shelves at survival gear companies over fears of wildfires, protests, and the coronavirus

9/16 – Chicago’s Urban Homesteaders Open Up Their Yards For Annual Chicken Coop Tour

9/16 – Ever Wonder What It’s Like To Live Off-Grid? Here’s What To Expect

9/15 – The Bunker Magnates Hate to Say They Told You So

9/13 – ‘Room to breathe’; Young couple leaves city living to start homesteading

9/12 – Island couples turning to off-grid homestead living during pandemic

9/10 – Everything We Know About the Deeply Suspicious ‘Doomsday Couple’

9/18 – Covid is Turning Us All Into Hipsteaders

9/9 – Prepper Palace: Ride Out the End of the World in Georgia for Under $1M

9/8 – City of Cannon Beach wants you to be prepared for a natural disaster

9/3 – 3D Printing for Preppers: An Overview of Disaster 3D Printing

9/3 – Prosecutors want to try ‘Doomsday’ cult couple Chad Daybell, Lori Vallow together

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