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Preparedness Information Stack – Limited Time Offer

by Prepper Press
preparedness information stack

Information stack for preppers!

Here is a limited time offer for preparedness information that may interest some preppers. It’s an information “stack.” In case you haven’t heard of these, they’re hand-curated collections of premium ebooks, ecourses, membership communities, and other resources from experts in the field.

Preparedness Information Off the Grid Super Stack

This particular stack is The Off the Grid Super Stack. It is targeted toward preppers. Information is offered on everything from using permaculture, to surviving in the wild, to living off the grid, to bugging out.

This is how it works. People come together to pool their prepper-oriented products and offer them as one big “stack” at a massively discounted price (when compared to individual products prices). This stack of bundled products allows customers to get everything at a massive 95% off.

Click here to learn more about this limited time deal.

More specifically, information in The Off the Grid Super Stack can show you how to:

  • Plan your approach to going “off the grid”
  • Develop the skills to survive outdoors
  • Grow your own food with a prepper garden
  • Begin homesteading
  • Prepare you and your family for emergencies or disasters

For those interested, this is an opportunity to save significant money by buying the products bundled together in one stack. As with anything like this, however, there’s a catch:

The deal expires at midnight EST on Tuesday, September 17th.

Then it’s gone for good. Go see the lineup of ebooks, ecourses, and more to see if it’s something that interests you.

Prepper Press titles in the stack include Joe Nobody’s The Prepper’s Guide to Caches and Holding Your Ground.

Following is just a sampling of other books included in the stack:

Remember, if you want to buy the stack, get it by September 17th!

Prepper Press has never participated in anything of this sort. What are your thoughts on deals such as this? Are these things you want to be made aware of or do you prefer simple informational blog posts?

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