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Military Dog Training – Book Release

by Derrick James

Military dog training is not just for soldiers!

military dog training book

Prepper Press is pleased to put another quality manual into print. We have now brought the U.S. Military’s guide to training military working dogs into an 8×10″ paperback. Now dog owners can read and reference what was previously an electronic document that was hard to use in the field. Many readers, myself included, would rather read a paperback book than read a computer screen. This book is for you.

Preppers, whether they are dog owners or not, know the value of having a K9 companion. If you are a dog owner, no matter the breed, this book can help you train your dog to be more loyal, smarter, and better-skilled at help you manage external risks that could threaten you and your family. Military dog training is unique, extensive, and well-researched.

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Back Cover Text

Learn how to train your dog like the U.S. military. This is the official military manual used for training military working dogs (MWD). Thorough, descriptive, and informative, we have taken the USAF Military Working Dog Program Manual (31-219) and reformatted it into a more reader-friendly version with added photos. From teaching basic commands to navigating obstacle courses, tracking, searching, and attacking, this guide will show you how to turn your dog into a canine soldier.

You will learn:

  • Veterinary Care
  • Principles of Conditioning and Behavior Modification
  • Patrol Dog Training
  • Clear Signals Training Method
  • Deferred Final Response
  • Detector Dog Training Validation and Legal Considerations
  • The Military Working Dog (MWD) Program
  • Facilities and Equipment
  • Safety and Transportation
  • Operational Employment
  • Contingency Operations
  • And more!

Long gone are old days of training dogs solely to be vicious attack dogs. Today’s MWDs offer far more value than that. They aid human soldiers in stability and support operations, security, and warfighting. Their versatility and loyalty expands the reach and effectiveness of U.S. soldiers.

Buy U.S. Military’s Dog Training Handbook on Amazon.

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