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Spotlight on Mark Voelker, Owner of the Las Vegas Underground House

by Derrick James
mark voelker interview las vegas underground house
Spotlight on Mark Voelker

Did you read my post (and watch the video) where I toured the multi-million dollar historic underground house of Las Vegas that was built in the 1970s as a fallout shelter? If you haven’t, read that first:

Touring the Las Vegas Underground House/Fallout Shelter

The video in this post can be seen as Part 2 of the underground home tour. This is where I sit down with the owner, Mark Voelker, in the living room of this subterranean mansion, and we talk about prepping. We discuss not only prepping in general, but also how this underground house would function in a post-collapse situation. How long could someone realistically stay down there? What issues would they face? Is it defensible?

Check out the video below, and visit the Prepper Press YouTube channel for other videos of interest (including the initial tour of this house).

Mark Voelker interview:

Prepping and the Las Vegas Underground House

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