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How I Review Post-Apocalyptic Books and Movies

by Derrick James

How do we review prepper and apocalyptic books and movies? We use the method(s) outlined here.

My book and movie reviews include a two-pronged approach.

I look not only at the entertainment and artistic value of the work, but also at what I call the “prepper factor,” and by that I mean what “prepper” educational value the work might offer. This review process is a reflection of how I view/read these works. I look for either high-value entertainment or some survival-type knowledge learned (or others could learn) from the work. Ideally it’s both.

Ratings will range from a minimum of one cloud to a maximum of five clouds. One cloud denotes an abysmal work that should have never been produced in the first place (at best), or worse, has a negative impact in its very existence. An example would be the National Geographic Channel’s Doomsday Preppers show. The show was average in its production quality, above average in the knowledge a prepper could learn from it, but all of this was overshadowed by the severe negative effects it had on the public’s perception of preppers. The National Geographic Channel either intentionally sought out fringe, radical-minded preppers OR intentionally shot and edited footage to make them appear as such. The prepper population, as mainstream as it is these days, continues to battle the stigma of being radical survivalists harboring extreme conspiracy theories.

Doomsday Preppers fueled that perception and, I would argue, far more harmful to the prepper movement than it was helpful. For this reason the entire show would only rank as just one, lonely cloud, one – mushroom cloud!

At the other end of the spectrum, you have a movie like Mad Max Fury Road. What survival knowledge can be gleaned from the movie? That breast milk, water, and cool cars are the crux of surviving post-apocalypse. In other words – there’s nothing a prepper can learn from the movie. However, the artistic and entertainment value is off the charts! The directing, acting, soundtrack, storyline, special effects – everything – is nothing short of exemplary, awesome, outrageous! Fury Road would get five enthusiastic mushroom clouds to accompany the flame-spewing electric guitar.

So this is my approach to reviews. It’s not a science, just a prepper, post-apocalyptic A-Poc opinion. Your opinion, as always, is welcome.

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1 comment

James M Dakin January 5, 2019 - 2:59 pm

Blech! Fury Road blows chunks. I’d rather go back and watch those irritating kids waste a third of the movie in Thunderdome. Sure, if you love a movie of car chases and explosions, Fury Road is pretty awesome. But it is just a carnival ride. Forget not being a good genre flick, it isn’t even a good movie in itself. Story and character takes a distant back seat. I didn’t expect Road Warrior again. We’ll never see anything close. But I also felt this wasn’t even really in the Mad Max universe, except cosmetically. Too much money can really ruin a franchise.


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