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Female Preppers: Women with Prepping Sites

by Morgan Rogue

Seeing female preppers making their presence known in the preparedness community is great. When I first started prepping over 10 years ago, there were few female preppers to look up to. That was one of my driving factors for creating a YouTube channel over 5 years ago. I wanted to share a prepping viewpoint from a woman’s perspective.

by Morgan Rogue

Over the years, more female preppers have decided to start their own YouTube, social media channels or blog to share their viewpoint. We all have unique perspectives, whether male or female, and it’s the differences that truly makes this community great.

While the basics of preparedness isn’t hugely different between men and women, there are certainly some differences and we need both perspectives to be a well-rounded prepper.

Female Prepper Bloggers

survival mom

The Survival Mom – Lisa has been in the preparedness blogging world for many, many years. She and I started our journey around the same time, though she started her online sharing much sooner than I did. She is well known for her lectures, practical advise, family preparedness and her book, The Survival Mom.

Lisa became a prepper around 2009 when The Great Recession hit her family hard and ever since she’s been more aware of how important preparedness is and has been for her entire family.

apartment prepper

Apartment Prepper – Bernie is known for her small space prepping advice. She’s also the author of several books, The Prepper’s Pocket Guide, The Penny Pinching Prepper, among others. I love how she’s always trying new things and making the information as realistic and accessible to a wide range of audiences.

Bernie and her husband first became interested in preparedness when Hurricane Ike hit their city in Houston. She realized that she wanted to feel more secure in uncertain times, since she realized she couldn’t rely on the government or anyone else for assistance in times of crisis.

prepper survive

Preppers Survive – Nettie is known as the ‘girl scout prepper.’ She shares a wide variety of information and she’s always trying to think outside of the box. She’s also the author of the book, Prepper Supplies Checklist. If you’re looking for information that’s a bit different, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Her main goal with the website is to simplify prepping. She believes that simple emergency preps can provide a family a safety net for uncertain times without having to rely on anyone else.

survivor jane

Survivor Jane – She’s appeared on Doomsday Preppers and has several books, including, Puzzling Over Preparedness and What Could Possibly Go Wrong, among others. She’s been featured in magazines and on TV, suffice to say, she knows her stuff and is a pillar among the preparedness community.

What sets Survivor Jane apart from most female preppers is that she considers herself a ‘girly girl’ and likes to bring that bit of girly-ness to preparedness. She has a practical approach to preparedness which is to make the best of whatever may come her way.

Frugally Sustainable – She doesn’t define herself as a ‘prepper’, but she talks about being sustainable, gardening, frugal, homesteading, the outdoors and much more. She fits the bill and has some really stellar advice across the board.

frugally sustainable

She focuses on sharing her transition from out of a consumer culture into the world of sustainability. She really focuses on the ‘why’ behind it all. She believes that without knowing why we’re doing things then it’s pointless.

Female Prepper YouTubers

morgan rogue

Rogue Preparedness – Shameless plug here! I’ve been running my channel for over 5 years and it’s certainly evolved a lot over time. I post about all kinds of topics such as off grid living, homesteading, family, gardening and of course, preparedness.

I’m a wife, mother and living off grid in the desert sharing my journey into building a homestead from the ground up while still being prepared for the unpredictable world around us.

prepper potpourri

Prepper Potpourri – I’ve known PP almost since the beginning. She is a pillar in the YouTube preparedness community. She posts everything from cooking, canning, dehydrating, gardening and of course, preparedness.

She wants to help people prepare for ‘just in case’ so they never have to say ‘if only I would have…’ She has a down-to-Earth personality and you’ll always walk away learning something new.

mama bear

Mama Bear Preparedness – I enjoy Mama Bear’s perspective as a mom and prepper, I can certainly relate to it. She offers stellar advice about cooking, food storage, firearms, canning and parenting. Truly enjoy her perspective.

If you’re a mom, you’ll especially love her channel as she shares her journey with her son and helping him thrive through preparedness and everyday life.

suttons daze

Suttons Daze – She offers a wide variety of content ranging from canning, cooking, building, food storage, dehydrating and everything preparedness related. She has a fun personality and shows it just how it is without any fluff.

She often has monthly or weekly challenges going which makes her channel extra engaging and fun as we can expect certain things every week or month.

mouse toes

Mouse Toes – She has such a fun personality, I always smile when I watch her videos. She doesn’t take life too seriously which is what the preparedness community needs more of, quite frankly. She talks about cooking, canning and a variety of other preparedness related topics.

She focuses mostly on food storage and growing her own food. She has seen the increase of food over the years and realizes the importance of growing her own food, which she shares with us.

prepper princess

Prepper Princess – PP offers a wide variety of perspectives and topics. She’s a staple of the community and her opinion is valued among thousands of people. She pushes the envelope and is as always candor.

Her channel mostly focuses on real world discussions, her journey through preparedness, saving money and preparing for our financial future.

FEM prepper

FEM Prepper – Her videos are a bit sporadic but whenever she posts, it’s always a winner. She touches on a wide range of topics including bugging out, family preparedness and general SHTF topics. She has a great personality and is always encouraging.

She tends to heavily focus on bugging out, she even re-built a school bus to be an ultimate off grid vehicle.

A Growing Footprint in Prepper Communities

It’s fantastic to see more female preppers making their presence known to the prepper community in order to empower other women and families.

There are plenty of female preppers who keep it low key and don’t want to share their knowledge through blogging, videos, or any other format. Look through the comment section of any video or blog and you’ll find stellar advice from women.

It’s encouraging to see more women sharing their views and I look forward to seeing the trend rise. Pay these women a visit and let me know if there are other female preppers who should be noted in the comments below.

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