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Big Changes Have Come to Prepper Press

by Prepper Press
cannibalized survive doomsday
Cannibalized Survive Doomsday

TLDR: Prepper Press is becoming not just a book publisher, but a larger “survival media” company with a new website and improved YouTube channel.


The book market has undergone some big changes since we started Prepper Press with the smashing success of Joe Nobody’s Holding Your Ground. Given today’s ease of self-publishing, it is now far more difficult to get a good book noticed in a sea of competing titles that have not been screened, may or may not have been edited or professionally formatted, etc. The book market is flooded with post-apocalyptic fiction and survival nonfiction. Some of it is good, much of it is not.


Prepper Press still chugged along, but not with the same level of success as when it started. Running a small business owner, we know there are ebbs and flows, but the work became increasingly frustrating as we put in more and more time for lower and lower returns. We eventually realized we needed to do something new.

In an attempt to stay relevant, and adapt with the times, we made the decision to return to my roots in the prepping market by establishing a new blog. This is where we got our start in this field, building (and ultimately selling) www.SHTFblog.com. When we started blogging, however, there was no such thing as Instagram or Twitter, and YouTube was nowhere near as successful and influential as it is today. So we found excitement at the idea of having a more direct connection with readers again and exploring these new media channels.

Survive Doomsday

So we started Survive Doomsday, a domain we’ve owned for years, with the intent to create a fun and entertaining prepper site, different from the thousands already out there, with creative content and an accompanying YouTube channel.

But as the site began to take my time and attention, Prepper Press took more of a backseat, and we wondered how we would maintain two different ventures in essentially the same market.

Then we got in contact with the organizers (and speakers) of the Las Vegas “Preparedness Experience” (prepper events) that took place last month. We figured it was an opportunity to gather new content, network with other professionals in the prepping field, and market Survive Doomsday.

But what we learned in talking with all of them; or rather, what we were reminded of; was that everyone already knows Prepper Press. They didn’t want to talk about Survive Doomsday; they wanted to talk about our authors and tell me about the books they are writing. The roughly eight years we’ve been building Prepper Press has paid off in strong brand recognition, brand recognition that will take forever to build through a new site like Survive Doomsday.

New Direction

So, we decided to fold what we like about Survive Doomsday into a new and improved Prepper Press site. We will be shutting Survive Doomsday down in the coming days. The revamped Prepper Press website has already taken on the look and content of Survive Doomsday (with some other improvements).

Email subscribers, you can expect to receive more content that we hope you will find to be useful, interesting, and entertaining.

More to come! In the meantime, follow us on YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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J. Buchanan August 3, 2019 - 6:37 pm

Hello I am a big fan of both your website and the books you b to light. A suggestion if I may. Have an area on your site where people can find recipies to prepare ahead of time and either dehydrate them (with instructions) or preserve them in some way. Maing our own rations would be a smash hit. Keep up the great work.

Prepper Press August 7, 2019 - 1:18 pm

That’s a good suggestion. Do you know of a good place to find such recipes?


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