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A Collection of the Best Prepper Memes

by Derrick James

Everyone loves a good meme. Preppers love good prepper memes. The unfortunate thing is that in the world of memes, there are far too few prepper-specific memes out there. Those that do exist tend to follow the same pictures and themes as other long-standing, popular memes.

I scoured the internet far and wide in search of the “best” prepper mems out there, but what I found was more a collection of some “okay” memes and scattered among many boring, flat, or junk memes. As you might probably guess, a lot of prepper memes follow the “I told you so” idea.

I’ll keep this page updated as time goes by when/if I come across some good ones. If you have one I haven’t posted here, make sure to drop a link to it in the comments section so I can take a look. In the meantime, feel free to copy and paste these to your social media feeds to spread the prepper fun.

I Told You So Prepper Memes

Everyone hates to hear it, we all secretly love to say it – “I told you so.” Whenever there is a disaster, preppers are in that very “I told you so” position, and they often revel in it – for good reason. We are ridiculed by some, dismissed by others, but when disaster strikes, they look to us.

Many of these, naturally, took shape after the coronavirus pandemic struck and everyone went scrambling for supplies.

best prepper memes

After we were full-swing into the pandemic, news reports started declaring things like “we’re all preppers now.”

stopped laughing

This meme is more of a pre-emptive “we WILL tell you so” meme.

make fun of preppers meme

I love this one. While not distinctly prepper, Tyrone knew – and prepared as everyone else laughed.

tyrone flood car

Maybe this is Tyrone’s house. They all laughed at him and called him crazy as he pimped his ride and built an earth wall around his crib.

they called me crazy flood

What it Means to Be a Prepper

The next set of memes describes life as a prepper. Of course, “prepper” is a relatively newer term in the English language. In prior generations, by today’s standard, everyone was a prepper.

grandma great depression

Speaking of prepping lifestyles, these few memes follow the theme associated with other classifications of people.

prepper lifestyle


what people think I do prepper meme

Old and New Preppers

Let’s take a moment to recognize the original prepper…

noah original prepper

Now let’s welcome the new preppers…

here is to all new preppers

Miscellaneous Prepper Memes

Prepping isn’t easy. It takes commitment, skill building, and the willingness to spend a bit of “insurance” money on your preps. But hey, after disaster strikes, imagine how good you’ll look…

prepper after disaster

So go out and get prepped! You can never have enough…

overkill ammo meme

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Sarah Querry September 29, 2020 - 1:44 pm

I love the car and the over kill wow never have enough ammo


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