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25 Top YouTube Channels for Prepping, Bushcraft, and Survival

by Derrick James
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Prepper Press Television

YouTube is the second most-used search engine, right behind Google. When I first started writing on prepping, YouTube wasn’t what it is today. Now it’s one of the primary online destinations people go when looking for information or entertainment. I’ve assembled a list of what I think are 25 top YouTube channels for prepping, bushcraft, and general survival.

No, I’m not going to place the Prepper Press YouTube channel as the top channel you should watch. I’m not going to list us at all. Nor should the order of the videos listed below be taken as any type of ranking system. I am not saying the video listed as #1 is better than the one listed as #2 or #25. It’s just a simple list of 25 great channels that you should consider following. Most are very prepper-specific, some are loosely prepper.

  1. Townsends – I love this channel! These guys talk about life in the 18th century, dress the part, and are generally fun to watch. Much of it focuses on cooking, but there’s plenty to see and learn from here.
  2. Canadian Prepper – supporting our friends to the north. There is a lot of ruminating in this guy’s videos, but I like that.
  3. Kirsten Dirksen – she has a big fan base, posting videos about self-sufficiency and a lot on tiny homes and craftsmanship.
  4. ITS Tactical (Imminent Threat Solutions) – they focus on knowledge to empower individuals with “indispensable skill-sets” to prevail against threats.
  5. KGB Survivalist – there’s a big focus on guns and throwing knives, and things of that nature here, but it’s informative on those fronts.
  6. Bushcraft Bartons – yet another bushcraft site (YABS). There are some topics covered here that you won’t find in other places, however.
  7. Iraqveteran8888 – predominantly gun-related videos, but most of them are presented in a fun manner, and his audience of over 2 million subscribers is yuuuuge.
  8. Survival Lilly – there are not enough women making videos about survival, bug out camps, and making fishing poles. Lilly is one of them.
  9. Survival Russia – Russian style bushcraft. This is an interesting channel. His Russian accent and outlook makes for interesting content.
  10. nutnfancy – everyone knows this guy, right? His channel is primarily firearms, but there are reviews of backpacks, knives, etc.
  11. PreparedMind101 – this guy is big into knives, especially big knives. He’s down-to-earth and seems like a decent guy.
  12. Reality Survival & Prepping – this guy covers various survival/prepping topics, from gear reviews to expressing thoughts.
  13. School of Self Reliance – primarily bushcraft with a sprinkling of other survival videos.
  14. Sensible Prepper – this is Sootch00‘s that focuses less on firearms and more on prepping – sensible prepping.
  15. Sigma 3 Survival School – a large selection of videos that focuses primarily on bushcraft.
  16. Skinny Medic – medical skills and knowledge, unless you already have it, is often an overlooked aspect of preparedness. Skinny Medic focuses on it.
  17. Southern Prepper – he’s been at this for a while, and many consider him a leading expert in today’s world of prepping.
  18. Survival Life – from bushcraft to survival hacks. This guy covers a bit of everything.
  19. Far North Bushcraft and Survival – coming in all the way from Alaska. His channel title says it all.
  20. Survivalist Gardener – survival gardening, he’s been on Mother Earth News, Doomsday Preppers, and is the man behind Secret Garden of Survival.
  21. Texas Prepper – the guy is into homesteading, covering gardening, raising chickens, bees, etc.
  22. Patriot Nurse – She’s been around a while. I like her videos on survival medicine, but over the years she’s moved on more to political rants, which (IMO), distracts from her medical message. Maybe that’s your thing, though.
  23. Hoss USMC – guns and gear – mostly gear – with some of his politics mixed in.
  24. Ultimate Survival Tips – well-done videos on everything survival. There are a lot of product reviews, but that’s not all.
  25. Black Scout Survival – Decent videos on urban survival, escape and evasion, preparedness, tutorials, etc.

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