Holding Your Ground

HYGHolding Your Ground is an instructional guide and planning tool that addresses defensive preparation of your home, retreat or apartment. Holding will show you how to protect your home, farm or property if the government can no longer help. “Holding” covers virtually every aspect of protecting you and your family in the event society breaks down. It will teach you how to configure your home, train your team, and properly equip any location for defense. Covering topics ranging from hiding in plain sight to pre-positioning of supplies, HOLDING uses common sense, military tactics and historical examples that allow you to prepare for defense without affecting your property’s value or appearance. Whether you live in an apartment, single-family home or on an open ranch, Holding Your Ground can help.


The book utilizes a spreadsheet (download by clicking here) to help you score and assess your property’s defensive capacity.


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Below is a sample diagram from the book (book image in black and white):